Tesla is now selling karaoke microphones in China

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Tesla last week released its latest distraction product: a set of karaoke microphones dubbed TeslaMic for use in its vehicles (via Electrek) and works with accompanied in-car software. The accessory, which is only available in China for now, was released alongside a Chinese New Year software update that includes a companion karaoke app called Leishi KTV.

The TeslaMic was available on the Chinese Tesla online shop for 1,199 CNY ($188.48 USD). We say “was” because it apparently sold out within an hour, and the listing does not currently load anymore. There are accounts of people already scalping the product for more than it’s worth:

“Caraoke” was the original Tesla in-car karaoke software released in other regions in 2019, which till this day can still be used while driving. That is similar to certain Tesla Arcade games like Solitaire until it was disabled after coming under scrutiny from the federal government.

The car is in drive while lyrics are following on-screen.
Image: Umar Shakir / The Verge

Tesla is trying to capitalize on its status as a lifestyle brand, producing a bevy of head-scratching products, from its $250 Tesla Tequila (which immediately sold out and was re-listed as an empty “decanter” for $150), to lewd joke products like the $69.420 short-shorts, which were also gobbled up by fans of the company.

Last week, Tesla announced in its earnings call that no new vehicle models will be produced this year, including the further delayed Cybertruck in favor of accelerating production of its current models. Elon Musk recently said that the company would also accept his favorite meme-cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, in exchange for merchandise, including Cybertruck-shaped whistles, a Texas gigafactory-promoting belt buckle, and the hyped companion to the Cybertruck: the Cyberquad ATV — but for children.

Tesla also has a newly designed 18-watt Qi-wireless charging battery pack with 10,000mAh capacity that fits the charge pad of the Model 3/Y and replaces the older, slower-charging and even lower-capacity models. The company also came out with a new fitted pet liner for the rear seats, which is another piece of merchandise or accessory that may be nice to have coming from the car manufacturer.

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