Yep, Android 13’s dessert codename is ‘Tiramisu’ after all

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Android 13’s first developer preview has confirmed what we’ve long-suspected: that the dessert-based codename for this year’s Android update is “Tiramisu.” 9to5Google spotted the codename in the debut developer preview under “Android Version” in the “About phone” menu. The Italian dessert has been cropping up in commits since July last year.

Although each version of Android hasn’t been publicly named after a dessert since 2019’s Android 10, the tradition is still alive and well internally at Google. Android 10 was Quince Tart, Android 11 was Red Velvet Cake, and Android 12 was Snow Cone.

Now that we know that Google has settled on Tiramisu as a codename, we can’t help but turn our attention to Android 14’s tricker U-based options. “Upside-down cake” is the only major dessert I can think of, although Wikipedia informs me that there’s a doughnut-like “Uštipci” dessert that’s apparently popular in Southeast Europe, and the Philippines’ “Otap” sometimes goes by the name “Utap.”

Everyone joked at the time that Android Q’s dessert name would be impossible to come up with, and next year’s Android U might be just as tricky.

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