Waze now lets you send directions from your computer to your phone

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Google-owned mapping app Waze will now let you send directions from your computer to your phone.

The process to do so was pretty straightforward in my brief testing (my personal phone is an iOS device). First log in to Waze on your phone, and then log in to Waze on a desktop browser by scanning a QR code with your phone’s camera. Then, use the browser to get directions to where you want to go, and you’ll see a button to save those directions to the app. Click that button and you’ll get a notification on your phone from Waze. Tap that notification to start the directions on your phone.

Google Maps has offered a similar feature for years, so it’s nice to see Waze finally getting the functionality. Waze says that both Android and iOS users will be able to have directions from a desktop sent to their phone.

Waze is also adding the ability to view saved locations on the web. That means you won’t have to manually type in addresses for things like your home or your favorite coffee shop, as long as you have those saved in your Waze mobile app.

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