Razer’s latest edible product is chewing gum made for gaming

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Razer’s latest gaming accessory is chewing gum aimed at boosting your focus and reaction time in games. The company teamed up with 5 Gum from Mars Wrigley to make “Respawn by 5 Gum” in three flavors: cool mint, tropical punch, and pomegranate watermelon. The gum is available starting today at $2.99 per 15-stick pack or $27.99 for a 10-pack. It will be available from as well as Amazon. Razer previously released a flavored energy drink mix in 2019.

Razer says this gum was developed with an “extensive amount of R&D,” part of which came from studying the daily regimens, gaming schedules, and snacking habits of casual and pro gamers. If you were turned off by the high amount of caffeine in the drink mix, you might like that the chewing gum’s only source of caffeine is from the green tea extract within the recipe. Razer says it wanted to develop a product that can “be consumed at any time of day or night to keep gamers focused, but not continuously affect them once the game was over.” Interestingly, the gum is black, but Razer’s reviewer’s guide for the gum made sure to note that it won’t turn your mouth black. Good to know.

Everyone is trying to pivot in some way to games, and now, one of the most popular candy manufacturers has found a way in, thanks to a partnership with Razer. I usually cover Razer’s moves in the gaming accessories space, and while testing gum might be just outside of my purview, I’ll probably be subjecting myself to this soon.

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