Fortnite’s new season pits Marvel’s biggest heroes against Galactus

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The latest season of Fortnite is here, and in it some of the biggest Marvel heroes join forces to help save the battle royale island.

The new season — technically Chapter 2: Season 4 — is dubbed “Nexus War,” and it’s a comic book-style event where major characters team up to fight off the planet-destroying villain Galactus. Those who purchase Fortnite’s seasonal battle pass will be able to unlock the likes of Iron Man, Storm, Mystique, Doctor Doom, Groot, and She-Hulk, along with an amnesiac Thor. Developer Epic also says that a certain member of the X-Men will be available later in the season: “Be warned, Wolverine has been spotted on the island and he won’t come quietly.”

We’ve known that Fortnite’s new season would be Marvel-themed since last week, and Epic followed that up by releasing an in-game comic book detailing the upcoming story. The comics explain just how the crossover happened; essentially, the power of Fortnite’s island lured Thor and Galactus, with Thor eventually summoning other heroes — including Iron Man, Wolverine, and Captain America — to help. At one point Thor drops his iconic hammer, and a crater actually appeared on the Fortnite island in-game where it landed. The comic ended with the phrase “to be continued in season four.” Epic describes the conflict as “the war to save reality.”

Fortnite has long been home to licensed superhero characters, from The Avengers and Batman to more recent inclusions like Deadpool and Aquaman. However, an entire themed season is new territory for the battle royale game. The newest update follows season 3, in which a giant storm flooded the island for a time.

Of course, there’s a lot more happening in the world of Fortnite than just a new season. Epic is currently in the midst of a legal tussle with both Apple and Google over app store fees. The developer first snuck in a new payment option in the mobile versions of Fortnite; Apple and Google both responded by kicking the game out of their stores, which resulted in a lawsuit from Epic. The developer even released a parody video and Fortnite tournament to generate support.

Because of this, the new Marvel-themed season of Fortnite will be the first that isn’t available on all platforms. Those who play the game on Apple devices — that includes iPhone, iPad, and Mac — don’t have access to the latest update.

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