Fortnite’s holiday event has a frozen banana and Tom Holland

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It’s that time of the year — when you get free gifts in Fortnite. Developer Epic Games has detailed this year’s big holiday event, where players have two weeks’ worth of daily quests to complete in order to unlock free items. That includes things like a frozen version of Peely the banana — I’m not sure if the ice makes him more or less naked than normal — and a new character called Krisabelle, who is basically a winter-themed version of an existing in-game witch. There are a total of 14 things to collect, and you have until January 6th at 9AM ET to get them all.

Outside of all the free stuff, there will also be new items in the shop tonight tied to the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. That includes the Tom Holland version of Spidey, along with MJ. (This is the second time this year a Zendaya character is in Fortnite, after the Dune update in October.) There will also be a handful of gameplay tweaks over the holidays, as Epic is bringing back items like the Sneaky Snowman and snowball launcher.

It’s a busy time for the battle royale. Fortnite just wrapped up its second chapter with a huge event that saw the previous island flip over, before it revealed a brand-new map a day later. The current season has introduced new features like web-slinging, sliding, and persistent camps.

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