AMD’s new Radeon Super Resolution software promises to bring AI super-sampling to almost any game

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AMD has announced a new gaming software feature at CES 2022: Radeon Super Resolution, which promises to bring AI-powered supersampling improvements to almost any game, even if it hasn’t been specifically updated to support AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution.

According to AMD, Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) is built on the same algorithm as FidelityFX Super Resolution, but it’s integrated into AMD’s Adrenalin software suite as a driver-based feature, allowing it to work on a far wider range of games.

Once it rolls out, gamers will be able to simply enable RSR in Adrenalin, lower the resolution in their games, and get the boosted performance benefits from the new software. RSR works on any of AMD’s RDNA-based GPUs, and promises to offer “ear-native resolution gaming experiences” on any game that’s capable of running in “exclusive full screen mode.”

Presumably, RSR won’t offer quite the same level of improvement as FidelityFX Super Resolution’s deeper integrated support, which has to be added on a per-game level. But for players willing to trust AMD’s software, it’s an interesting new option for squeezing out the most performance possible from their machines.

AMD is also adding a few other new features to Adrenalin in the coming months, including improvements to its AMD Link game streaming system and a new AMD Privacy View feature that uses Eyeware’s head and eye-tracking technology to block out areas of your screen that you aren’t actively looking at.


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