A mobile version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is in the works, but only in China

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The wildly popular game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to mobile, but only in China. Games analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted that Chinese entertainment company Bilibili has secured the rights to publish a mobile version of the game, but in China only.

On its website, Bilibili says it will be the “exclusive agent” for a genuine mobile game in mainland China that Google is translating to “Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockout,” with “jelly bean” a likely reference to the game’s bean-shaped characters. In China, the PC and PS4 versions of the game go by the same name.

Bill Croft, co-founder of Fall Guys developer Mediatonic, confirmed the news Monday. “We can confirm Bilibili have secured publishing rights to a mobile version in China,” Croft wrote in an email to The Verge. “As you can imagine, we’ve had a lot of questions about platforms since launch, and of course we’d love to release on more platforms in the future but for now we’re focusing our efforts on PC and PS4.”

There have been a lot of rumors swirling about a mobile version of Fall Guys which turned out to be incorrect, until now. The official Twitter account for the game tweeted August 17th “if you see any ads for a mobile version they are scams.”

Since its launch earlier this month on PS4 and PC, Fall Guys has been a huge hit, and drew more than 1.5 million players in its first 24 hours. The simplistic battle royale game supports up to 60 players in a series of mini-game matches where you jump, dive and grab your way to victory; players are eliminated through several rounds, with players earning customizations along the way.

It makes sense that there would be a mobile version of Fall Guys, since it’s pretty much a made-for-mobile game, requiring only a few buttons and a joystick to play. Unlike other popular battle royale games on mobile, Fall Guys wouldn’t need to cover a small mobile screen with a ton of virtual buttons. And, since it’s typically played in very short sessions because so many people get knocked out in each round, it’d be a good option to play on the go.

There’s no word yet about when the mobile version of Fall Guys will be available in China, or when we might see one in the US. But Mediatonic has said it would “love to bring the game to other platforms further down the line.”

UPDATE August 24th 10:10AM ET: Added confirmation from Mediatonic co-founder

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