Fantastical’s new widgets look like the perfect use-case for the iOS 14 update

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Mac and iOS calendar app Fantastical has updated its software with 12 new customizable widgets. They look like the perfect use-case for iOS 14’s widget support, giving users access to their calendar, events, and weather forecasts straight from the home screen.

These aren’t the sort of widgets you’d use to flex on TikTok, of course: these are practical and straightforward designs for people whose live in their schedules. The widgets look as well-designed as you’d expect from Fantastical, and we particularly like the option to jump into meetings directly. No more searching your inbox for that elusive Zoom invitation.

Fantastical’s widgets are all hypothetically free to use, but some features (like quick-joining meetings and multiple calendar sets) will not work unless you’re a paying customer. The app moved to a subscription model earlier this year, and costs $4.99 a month on a rolling basis or $3.33 a month if you commit to a whole year’s subscription. The Fantastical update also adds support for handwriting recognition on iPadOS 14.

Despite their ancient lineage on mobile devices, widgets have proved to be the break-out star of iOS 14. That’s thanks to the weirder use cases people have been putting them to: creating themed layouts for favorite bands, anime, and much more. Widgets and custom app icons (created via a less-than-optimal Shortcuts hack) have found such a receptive audience that many think Apple should offer greater support for customization, though it’s unlikely that will ever happen. For more on how to use widgets check out our guide.

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