Elon Musk says Tesla will delay ‘Battery Day’ event and shareholders meeting

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Friday that the company’s “Battery Day” event and its shareholders meeting, which was slated for July 7th, will both be delayed until sometime after July 4th. The Battery Day event, where Tesla is expected to reveal details about its “million mile” battery, was originally planned for April but was bumped back to July due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In response to a question on Twitter about whether its cyber truck would be at the shareholders meeting, Musk said Tesla “will have to postpone annual shareholder meeting, as still no large gatherings allowed by July 7th. Not sure of new date, but am guessing maybe a month or so later.”

He later added that Tesla would likely combine the shareholders meeting with the Battery Day event, and that it would probably be held in Fremont, California, where Tesla has factory.

Musk told investors and analysts earlier this year that the information about the battery tech “will blow your mind. It blows my mind.” Tesla held a similar event focused on self-driving technology in April 2019.

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