Samsung’s Galaxy S22 preorder site wouldn’t let you preorder a phone

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Samsung announced its highly anticipated Galaxy S22 lineup on Wednesday, but shortly after the announcement, many tried to preorder the new smartphones reported that they couldn’t actually complete their purchases. Many reported issues or just a blank screen that seems to load indefinitely at checkout, and that’s also where I ran into problems when I tried to buy a few combinations of both locked and unlocked models of the phones. However, as of Thursday morning, the checkout process seems to be working smoothly again.

When there were issues, some wrote to Samsung’s support account on Twitter asking for help:

Samsung’s support account was replying to individuals reaching out, though the responses varied, including requests to DM and suggestions to call the company’s e-commerce team. It’s unclear if taking those steps led to a completed purchase. A Samsung spokesperson didn’t reply to a request for comment from The Verge.

If you want to preorder one of the new S22 phones from another place, we’ve listed a whole bunch of other stores where you can grab the devices. And make sure to check out our first looks at the Note-like Galaxy S22 Ultra and the S22 / S22 Plus.

Update February 10th, 12:20PM ET: The issue seems to be fixed.


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