Samsung’s Galaxy Fit 2 can last for up to three weeks on a charge

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Samsung has a new fitness tracker on the way called the Galaxy Fit 2. It’s an updated version of the original Galaxy Fit band that offers a larger display and more battery life — much more battery life, in fact.

Samsung is promising that the new model can last for at least 15 days on a single charge and up to three weeks depending on your settings. That’s a big jump over the original model, which Samsung promised would get barely a week of usage off a single charge. That battery life is also a dramatic increase over competing trackers, like the upcoming Fitbit Inspire 2, which only lasts for up to 10 days on a charge. Most trackers generally offer a week or so of battery life, making Samsung’s a big improvement — assuming it holds up.

In case the two to three weeks of battery life wasn’t a tip-off, the Galaxy Fit 2 is definitely not a smartwatch. It’s a fitness tracker through and through, with the option to track metrics like calories burned, heart rate, distance, and sleep patterns. Samsung also says that the Galaxy Fit can automatically detect up to five different types of fitness activities.

Samsung hasn’t said when it’ll release the Galaxy Fit 2 or a price, but presumably the company will have more information to share in the coming weeks.

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