You can now lower your AT&T bill with mix-and-match wireless plans

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If you’re with any major US phone carrier other than Verizon, you’ll know you couldn’t mix and match phone plans between different lines on your account. Starting today, AT&T is finally allowing customers to mix and match which unlimited plan they choose and potentially save some money on their phone bill each month, with a program it’s calling Unlimited Your Way.

For instance, if previously your parents were looking for more hotspot data or a bundled subscription to HBO Max, they would likely have chosen the Unlimited Elite plan, and pay $50 each for four lines (or $200 a month) for a family of four. With mix and match, those parents can choose an Unlimited Elite plan for themselves and put two kids on the cheaper Unlimited Starter plan, saving $30 a month on their phone bill.

AT&T’s three unlimited wireless plans — Unlimited Elite, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Starter — remain the same as last year, including how much they cost, as you can see from the charts below. Each offers unlimited talk, text, and 5G access if your phone is compatible with the network. While similar, the plans differ depending on how much premium data you want and what quality of streaming is available for your phone, with only Elite letting you stream HD video.

Image: AT&T

Now that AT&T and Verizon both offer mix and match plans, T-Mobile is the odd one out. But even though it doesn’t have a similar program, Magenta and Magenta Plus customers can pay for “PlusUp” if they need more data. It adds up to 20GB of data and unlimited HD streaming at an additional $15 a month for Magenta plans or $10 a month for Magenta Plus plans.

AT&T’s Unlimited Your Way is available starting today.

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