Verizon joins T-Mobile and AT&T by offering a truly unlimited mobile plan

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Verizon has updated its unlimited plans in anticipation of new 5G spectrum coming online tomorrow soonish. The new plans cost the same and include the same level of access to the carrier’s Nationwide and Ultra Wideband 5G networks, but the priciest Get More plan receives a notable upgrade: unlimited monthly “premium data.” That puts it on even terms with the other major carriers’ top-tier unlimited plans.

The plans previously known as Start, Play More, Do More, and Get More Unlimited are now called 5G Start Unlimited, 5G Play More Unlimited… you get the idea. The Get More plan ($90 / month for one line with autopay) previously included 50GB of premium data each month — once customers reached that limit, they’d be subject to slowdowns during times of network congestion. The new 5G Get More plan does away with that monthly cap.

Verizon is playing a little bit of catch-up here; AT&T’s Unlimited Elite and T-Mobile’s Magenta Max already offer all-you-can-eat premium mobile data. The new 5G Get More plan also includes a boost in premium mobile hotspot data: 50GB, up from 30GB. The Play More and Do More plans now offer 30GB compared to 15GB.

One thing remains the same, though: customers on the basic Start Unlimited plan won’t have access to the faster Ultra Wideband network at all — just slower Nationwide 5G. That’s no great loss at the moment, but when C-band joins the call, it’ll be a real bummer.

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