Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra shown in brief hands-on video

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As is usually the case with leaked gadgets, first there were photos… and now there’s a video. One day after Samsung officially announced the August 5th Unpacked event where it’s expected to launch the Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy Fold successor, the flagship Note has been given the hands-on treatment on YouTube.

The video from Jimmy Is Promo — the same source of the photos earlier this week — is under 90 seconds in length, so we don’t get to see a ton in the way of details or new information. Sadly, there’s no direct confirmation on whether the Note 20 Ultra will have a 120Hz display.

But the clip reveals minor changes from last year’s Note 10: Samsung moved the S Pen cradle to the left side of the phone instead of the right, for example, and the buttons also switched sides. The camera bump has grown in size, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since phones are increasingly moving to larger, better-quality image sensors.

The Note 20’s S Pen will seemingly gain new “pointer” functionality that will show an on-screen indicator whenever you hold down the S Pen button and point Samsung’s stylus at the phone. You can choose a trailing color to give the feature a laser pointer effect, according to the video. I’m hard-pressed to come up with scenarios where I’d use such a thing, but Samsung has never been shy about pumping superfluous software tricks into the Note lineup. (How many of you Note 10 owners are still using those air gestures?) There’s even a website dedicated to everything the S Pen can do.

One week ago, Samsung revealed a set of marketing photos of the gold Note 20 Ultra on its Russian website, and those images line up with what we’ve seen this week. It’s very possible that Jimmy Is Promo or other leakers will release more Note 20 content in the coming weeks. Either way, we’ll get the full story on Samsung’s next devices in just under a month.

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