OnePlus may have accidentally revealed the upcoming OnePlus 8T

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OnePlus may have accidentally revealed a first look at the OnePlus 8T, thanks to an image found in the latest Android 11 developer preview for OnePlus 8-series devices by OxygenUpdater.

The leaked image doesn’t offer much to go on, just a front-facing view of the device, which appears to be pretty similar to the existing OnePlus 8. It’s possible that this image — which is labeled OnePlus_8T.webp and is a distinct file from the images for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro — is simply a placeholder for a different, final design for the OnePlus 8T.

But given the timing of the leak (OnePlus usually releases its fall T-series refreshes in the October to November range) and the fact that it was found in OnePlus’ own firmware update, it seems likely that this will be what the OnePlus 8T will look like — or at least what the front of it will look like.

Presumably, OnePlus will have more details to announce on the OnePlus 8T in the coming weeks — likely in a more official manner than an accidental firmware file.

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