Android 11 Go is available today, and it will launch apps 20 percent faster

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Android 11 just launched this week for Pixel devices and phones from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme, and now Google has detailed its counterpart designed for low-powered devices: Android 11 (Go edition).

One of the biggest new features is that Android 11 (Go edition) is supposed to work on devices with 2GB of RAM or less — a bump up from Android 10 (Go edition), which was made for devices with less than 1.5GB of RAM. But it’s unclear exactly which devices will get that upgrade right now.

We asked Google repeatedly, but it would not give us a clear answer. The company did say Android 11 (Go edition) will work with “all devices with up to 2GB of memory” sometime next month, but it’s not clear if that’s new devices, old devices, or a subset of Go-specific devices. (It’s not coming to the original G1 and Motorola Droid, right?) It could simply be that future Android phones you buy with 2GB of RAM or less are required to run Android 11 (Go edition), as a document obtained by XDA Developers suggested in July.

If you do happen to have a phone that currently supports Android 11 (Go edition) right now, you can try out new features like grouped notifications from chat apps in your notifications, like Android 11, and granting apps one-time permissions for things such as your microphone or camera. Apps will also launch 20 percent faster than they did on Android 10 (Go edition), according to Google. And Android 11 (Go edition) adds a gesture-based navigation system you can use to swipe around the phone’s UI.

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