Tom Brady’s best throw of the night destroys Microsoft tablet

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After throwing a fourth-quarter interception to seal a 9-0 loss against the Saints on Sunday night, Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady managed to connect with a Microsoft Surface tablet, absolutely destroying it. The defeat was Brady’s first shutout in 15 years, according to CBS Sports.

Brady joins an illustrious group of Surface abusers that include Aaron Rogers, Johnny Manziel, and former boss Bill “I just can’t take it anymore” Belichick, to name just a few.

Surface tablets have suffered regular abuse since their introduction in the 2014 NFL season after Microsoft became the official provider of tablet-based image reviews for teams during games, replacing the black-and-white photographs that had been in use for decades. The tablets were frequently called “iPads” in early post-game interviews despite Microsoft paying millions to the NFL for the exclusive advertising and equipment rights. And early technical and usability issues often caused the Surface tablets to become high-speed projectiles in the hands of athletes prone to favoring human growth hormone injections over vaccines.

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