Microsoft’s Outlook on the web is getting a Gmail-like text prediction feature

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Microsoft is working on a new text prediction feature for Outlook that’s similar to Gmail’s Smart Compose. The text predictions will allow and Outlook on the web to write emails for people using predictive tech that offers up suggestions while you type. A support document reveals that Outlook users will be able to accept suggestions with tab or right arrow on a keyboard, or just keep typing to ignore them.

Microsoft is currently planning to roll this out later this month, and it’s marked as “in development” on the company’s Microsoft 365 feature roadmap. Microsoft is also working on a “send later” feature for Outlook on the web that will allow users to schedule when to send an email message.

That’s particularly useful if you wake up from a deep sleep at 5AM and remember you need to email your boss, but don’t want it to look like you’re eagerly sending emails at early hours of the morning. Microsoft says the send later feature should arrive before the end of June, and text predictions will appear in May.

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