Microsoft’s Edge browser will match Chrome’s upcoming four-week release cycle

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Microsoft is going to adjust its release cycles for Microsoft Edge to match the every-four-weeks release cadence for Chrome that Google announced last week.

“As contributors to the Chromium project, we look forward to the new 4-week major release cycle cadence that Google announced to help deliver that innovation to our customers even faster,” Microsoft said in a blog post on Friday.

The change will go into effect with Edge 94, which is targeted for a September release. Google has committed to making the switch with Chrome in Q3 with Chrome 94, but hasn’t given a specific month like Microsoft has.

Like Google, Microsoft is also offering enterprises the option of a longer release cycle enterprise customers. On that Extended Stable schedule, there will be a new release every eight weeks. However, a four-week cadence will be the default, Microsoft says.

Edge isn’t the only Chromium-based browser making the switch to a four-week release cycle; Brave told The Verge on March 5th that it plans to match the new schedule as well.

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