Microsoft may have fixed what wasn’t broke with Windows 10 BSOD printer patch

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If you’re the kind of person who’d be amused to learn that a humble printer can blue screen your entire Windows 10 PC, here’s a dose of schadenfreude to welcome you into the weekend: when Microsoft tried to fix those blue screen issues with a Monday patch, the patch may have not gone quite as planned — some users started reporting their printers would simply spit out blank pages or ones with missing graphics.

Now, the company’s released a second patch to address those issues too (via ZDNet):

Microsoft identified an issue that affects Windows 10 devices which applied the March 2021 security update released March 9, 2021 and the out-of-band updates released March 15, 2021, and a resolution has been expedited. Affected devices might receive unexpected results when printing from some apps or to some printers. Issues might include missing or solid color graphics, misalignment/formatting issues, or printing of blank pages/labels.

Some users say that it works, and may even fix some additional blue-screening computers. A few say they’re still having issues. If you’re affected, good luck to you!

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