Microsoft made an Xbox Series X fridge that it’s giving away

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Microsoft first revealed the Xbox Series X nearly a year ago, and the internet went wild and immediately compared it to a fridge. A meme was born, and Microsoft embraced it to reassure us all that the Series X is, in fact, smaller than a fridge. Microsoft has now embraced the meme even further and actually created… an Xbox Series X fridge.

This fridge is a 1:1 scale replica of the Xbox Series X, measuring more than six feet tall and weighing 400 pounds. It even has an Xbox logo at the front that lights up, and the Xbox Series X boot sound fires up when you use the disc drive slot to open the fridge door. The fridge glows green inside, because why not.

Snoop Dogg and his Xbox Series X fridge.

While Microsoft values this fridge at $499, the same price as the Xbox Series X, you won’t be able to purchase one. Instead, Microsoft is giving away one of the Xbox Series X fridges in a competition, with a winner being picked on November 4th.

Microsoft delivered one of these special fridges to Snoop Dogg last week. The rapper and movie star has been an Xbox owner for years, and he also gets annoyed with Xbox Live outages. Let’s hope the fridge keeps his munchies cool, otherwise he’ll be threatening to leave for PlayStation again.

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