How to use Google Tasks in Gmail

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Google’s Tasks app functions like a digital to-do list. While there are dedicated Android and iOS apps for Tasks, it’s also integrated right into the inbox view when you’re using Gmail on a desktop. So it can be a handy way of keeping track of items while you go through your email in case you need to remember to reply to an email later or need to be able to access a message quickly.

How to use Tasks with Gmail:

  • To open Tasks, look for that blue button on the right-hand side with a white line and a yellow dot in it. (By default, it’s below the Calendar and Keep buttons.)
  • Tasks will open up in a side-bar on the right-hand side. If this is your first time using Tasks, click “Get started.”
  • Click “Add a task” to create a task

Tasks main meu

Tasks will open up in a sidebar on the right.

  • You can enter in or edit the name for your task in that menu
  • To edit or add more details for a task, click the pencil icon next to that task. This will take you to another menu where you can assign a date and time for your tasks, change which list your task is on, and add subtasks. You can also click on the trash icon in the right-hand corner to delete the task. When you’re done, click the back arrow in the top-left corner of the sidebar.

Task menu

Edit the details for your task here.

  • You can drag and drop tasks to change their order, and you can organize your tasks in different lists. Click on “My Tasks” at the top, and select “Create new list” from the drop-down options to add another list. To change the name of the list, you can click the three dots to the right of “Add a task.”
  • To save an email as a task, drag the email into the Tasks sidebar

Adding an email as a task

You can drag and drop an email into the Tasks sidebar to add it as a task.

  • To mark a task as complete, click on the circle to the left of the task

Mark a task as complete

Click on the circle next to the task to mark it as complete.

  • To view your completed tasks, click on “Completed” at the bottom of the sidebar

Completed tasks in the sidebar

Completed tasks are shown in the bottom of the sidebar.

The tasks you add in through this sidebar will be synced with the mobile apps, and you’ll also see them if you open up Tasks through another app, like Drive or Calendar.

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