Google will sell you a $349 Pixel 4A for $216 over two years

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You can now buy the Pixel 4A from Google for just $9 per month over 24 months as part of the new Google Fi phone subscription program. That monthly cost means you’d pay just just $216 for the phone, a substantial savings over its $349 upfront price. After you’ve made all 24 payments, you own the phone.

You can also elect to add in a $6 per month device protection plan, meaning your monthly subscription cost is $15. That protection plan covers up to two incidents of accidental damage and one loss or theft claim in a year. (Loss and theft replacement isn’t available to New York state residents, however.) At $15 per month over 24 months, you’d pay $360 for the Pixel 4A over the course of the subscription, which is only $11 more than the phone’s typical $349 upfront cost.

But if you were hoping you could sign up for this subscription, not get a protection plan, and then pay off the device in full to save more than $100 on a Pixel 4A, that’s not an option — you lose the discount on the phone if you pre-pay your remaining balance ahead of time, according to Google’s terms for the subscription.

And despite falling under the Google Fi branding, the subscription doesn’t include a Google Fi cell phone plan, meaning you have to buy a Google Fi Flexible or Unlimited plan separately to make calls or use wireless data. If you’re already a Google Fi subscriber, though, the phone subscription cost will be added to your monthly Fi bill, according to Google’s terms.

Right now, the only phone you can purchase through the subscription is the Pixel 4A; you can’t buy the new Pixel 5 or Pixel 4A 5G (which don’t even come out in the US until next week). But my colleague Dieter Bohn found that the Pixel 4A has a good camera, good battery life, and good software, so depending on what you need, it could be a great option to consider — especially with this new subscription plan.

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