First Android 13 patch for Pixels fixes wireless charging and battery drain problems

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Google is rolling out patches to fix some Pixel bugs after the phones received the latest Android 13 update last month. The September 2022 monthly update is being delivered throughout the week to most devices, addressing issues like unexpected battery drain and disabled wireless charging.

The patch won’t arrive on Google’s newest phone, the Pixel 6A, until later this month. The Pixel 6A has one fix specifically included in the list, addressing its fingerprint scanner’s recognition “in certain conditions.” As noted by Consumer Reports, some owners of the new phone have found it will unlock using a finger they hadn’t registered or for the fingerprint of an entirely different person.

The update is downloading on our senior news editor’s Pixel 6 right now.
Screenshot: Richard Lawler / The Verge

For the increased battery drain, Google’s blaming a launcher background activity issue and says it has fixed that in this update. And if your wireless charging wouldn’t always activate, this update is supposed to restore that functionality to the Pixel 4, 4 XL, 5, 6, and 6 Pro.

Google’s turbulent start with the Android 13 launch is unfortunately not a first. The first major Android 12 update last December was supposed to address a number of launch issues and add new features on its Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but Google had to pause its rollout after finding that some phones would disconnect or drop calls. It was one of the rockiest starts for a wide release of Android yet, and hopefully, history doesn’t repeat itself with the Pixel 7 launch right around the corner.

Other issues that are being addressed include problems connecting some Bluetooth devices or accessories and correcting lock screen notifications that would only partially display. The version number for the latest update is TP1A.220905.004, and you can see the full changelog listed below.

Battery & Charging

Fix for issue occasionally causing increased battery drain from certain launcher background activities

Fix for issue preventing wireless charging mode to activate in certain conditions *[1]


Additional improvements for fingerprint recognition and response in certain conditions *[2]


Fix for issue occasionally preventing certain Bluetooth devices or accessories from connecting

User Interface

Fix for issue occasionally causing notifications to appear truncated on the lock screen

Fixes are available for all supported Pixel devices unless otherwise indicated below.

*[1] Included on Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 5, Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro

*[2] Included on Pixel 6a

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