Dark Sky delays shutdown of Android app until August 1st

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Popular weather app Dark Sky, now owned by Apple, is keeping its doors open on Android for a little longer.

The company said on Wednesday in an update on its website that it plans to keep the Android version going until August 1st, after initially announcing it would shut it down today, on July 1st. Presumably, the Wear OS version is still functioning as well, but we’ve been unable to check that. Both apps appear to have been removed from the Play Store, however, so you need to have the app downloaded or have downloaded it at least once in the past to be able to continue using it for another month, according to 9to5Google.

On August 1st, all existing subscribers to Dark Sky’s Android version will receive a full refund — Dark Sky has charged Android users $2.99 a year for access to the service, whereas the iOS version involved just a $3.99 one-time purchase. Dark Sky says August 1st is also when it will remove weather forecasts, maps, and embeds from its website, pushed back from an original July 1st deadline as well.

The Dark Sky API, in part why Apple purchased the company, is remaining active through the end of the year, but it’s no longer accepting new signups. That will eventually cut off third-party apps from the platform’s valuable data.

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