The Xbox Share button is getting more customizable thanks to controller remapping

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Microsoft will soon allow Xbox Series X / S owners to fully customize the Share button on their controllers. While you’ve been able to use the Xbox Share button to create screenshots or game clips, you’ll soon be able to map it to lots of Xbox features including controlling the TV volume, accessing search, or switching on Night Mode.

Xbox Insider testers in the Alpha and Skip-Ahead Alpha rings can now access a new controller firmware update that enables the new customization for the Xbox Share button. You can then remap the button for hold, press, and double tap to the following options:

  • Open the Xbox guide
  • Send a message
  • Search
  • Launch an app or game
  • Play / pause media
  • TV volume up, down, or mute
  • View achievements, friends, or party
  • Access Quick Settings
  • Toggle Night Mode, color filters, Narrator, or Magnifier

Some of the new Xbox Share button features.

These new customization options make the Xbox Share button a lot more useful, particular because Microsoft’s game clip and screenshot sharing system is still incredibly slow to upload and access. Microsoft is testing a new way to share clips and screenshots via the web, which will hopefully improve things.

This new Share button functionality is only available to testers right now, but we expect it to appear for all Xbox Series X / S owners in the coming months.

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