The PS5 now has a YouTube TV app

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The PlayStation 5 now has a YouTube TV app, arriving more than six months after the console launched. That means anyone lucky enough to actually buy Sony’s latest console now has another way to watch live TV on it, as first spotted by Android Police.

YouTube TV costs $64.99 per month (not counting additional extras) and allows up to three simultaneous streams within a household, which could be useful if your PS5 is hooked up in another room from your main TV.

Having another device that works with YouTube TV could be especially helpful for Roku owners, given the ongoing feud between Google and Roku that has seen YouTube TV removed from Roku’s channel store. (That means new Roku owners can’t install or re-download the app if they don’t already have it on their device.)

Admittedly, the Venn diagram of “PS5 owners who subscribe to YouTube TV and also own a Roku device that didn’t already have the YouTube TV app” is certainly vanishing small. But in a world where corporate disputes can mean losing access to the services you pay for on the devices you already own at the drop of a hat, having more streaming options is never a bad thing.

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