Square Enix warns players that servers might struggle with FFXIV’s next big expansion

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With Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker launching in early access this week and officially on December 7th, Square Enix is warning players that they might face the longest log-in queues and wait times the game has ever seen.

In a blog post, Square Enix stated that while it has optimized servers in anticipation of heavy traffic, the global chip shortage has prevented the addition of new servers that would help alleviate congestion problems. As such, players can expect to wait longer than normal to log into game servers, visit new Endwalker specific areas, and experience instanced content-like duties.

Square Enix also offered tips that players can use to ensure their Endwalker experience is the best it can be. If players are experiencing higher log-in queues for their home server, they can choose to temporarily play on another, less-crowded server within their data center. Also, since new character creation is disabled for congested worlds, Square Enix suggested players interested in making new characters create them now before the Endwalker rush or during off-hours post-launch.

Interest in Final Fantasy XIV reached an all-time high this summer, aided by an exodus of dissatisfied World of Warcraft players, popular streamers giving the MMO airtime, and a clever meme extolling the virtues of FFXIV’s free trial.

Even with Square Enix beefing up their existing servers and delaying the game by two weeks to ensure stability, Endwalker is shaping up to be the biggest launch in Final Fantasy XIV history.

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