No Man’s Sky has a new ‘Desolation’ update that turns it into a horror game

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No Man’s Sky is getting yet another genre-bending refresh: the new “Desolation” update turns the usually upbeat space exploration adventure into a horror game that looks a whole lot more like Alien.

While No Man’s Sky has had some horror-ish elements before, like its “Whispering Egg” items that can cause the aptly named “Biological Horrors” to appear and attack players, the Desolation update looks to take things further by adding abandoned derelict freighters filled with overgrown alien infestations that feel like they came right out of Dead Space.

In typical No Man’s Sky fashion, the abandoned freighters are procedurally generated, with each one featuring its own hazards, design, and disasters that caused the crew to take flight. A variety of dangers will await players inside the haunted ships: flickering lights, failed life support and gravity systems, rogue security AI, and ominous nests of alien creatures.

Additionally, the 2.6 update brings a host of other useful updates to No Man’s Sky, including improved lighting effects, new items, and better inventory and customization options for player’s capital ships. The full patch notes can be viewed over at the No Man’s Sky website.

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