Mario Strikers: Battle League comes to the Switch in June

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Nintendo is bringing the Mario Strikers soccer series to the Switch with a new title called Mario Strikers: Battle League. The company debuted the game at Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct.

In Battle League, teams of five will compete against each other in arcade-y soccer action. You won’t just be passing and kicking to try and score goals — you’ll also be able to tackle your opponents, send items their way, and use impressive special shots, all while playing as characters from the cast of the Mario universe. You’ll also be able to equip gear that affects stats like speed and strength.

For multiplayer, up to eight players can play together locally on one Switch. Nintendo is also offering online play. You’ll also be to make online clubs with up to 20 people to compete against others.

The game was a big surprise, and fortunately, we won’t have to wait too much longer to play it. Battle League will be available on June 10th, and you can preorder it beginning Wednesday.

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