League of Legends’ virtual K-pop group K/DA is releasing its first album in November

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As promised, K/DA — the virtual K-pop group that’s part of the ever-expanding League of Legends universe — has its very first album on the way. Today, developer Riot revealed that the band’s first EP, titled All Out, will be out on November 6th. K/DA released its first single following a two-year hiatus back in August.

If you’re wondering what any of that actually means, here’s a quick explainer: in 2018, the annual League of Legends World Championship opened with a stunning AR concert, which featured a K-pop group made up of both in-game characters and real-world pop stars. It was an intriguing mix that turned into a big hit, and now Riot is bringing the band back in a big way. In addition to the EP, there’s also an ongoing comic series and a TikTok-style dance competition. The band also got a new member through an elaborate reveal involving a virtual influencer.

Also of note: the 2020 edition of the World Championship is currently underway in Shanghai, with the finals slated for October 31st at the newly opened Pudong Football Stadium. The event is known for its striking opening ceremonies, which typically revolve around music; the 2018 K-pop event was followed by a holographic hip-hop concert last year. Given all of the recent announcements, it seems likely K/DA will be involved in this year’s event in some way — just in time to promote the album.

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