League of Legends’ latest champion is a colorful pop star

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The newest character to join the fantasy strategy game League of Legends is a pop star who started out as a social media influencer. League developer Riot has officially unveiled Seraphine, a mage described as “the starry-eyed songstress.” You can get a full run-down of her in-game abilities right here.

While she looks like a unique addition to the game, one of the most interesting things about the character is how she was revealed. For months, a virtual influencer named Seraphine was posting photos and music on Twitter and Instagram, and fans slowly started to realize she was part of the League universe, though it wasn’t until last month that Riot confirmed it was behind the character. (If you’re wondering how this ties into the ever-expanding League lore, her backstory is particularly interesting.)

Seraphine’s reveal is also connected to League’s virtual K-pop group, K/DA, which is in the midst of a major comeback. The group is slated to release its debut EP in November, and Riot recently announced a K/DA-themed event that will span across several games, including League, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics. That’s right, soon, you can bring K-pop style to a collectible card game. Seraphine even has an “ultimate” skin that tells her story from bedroom singer to K/DA member.

Though it’s not confirmed, this is all expected to culminate with a real-world K/DA performance at the League of Legends World Championship finals, which kick off on October 31st at the Pudong Football Stadium in Shanghai. Riot recently revealed that a limited number of fans — a little more than 6,000 — will be allowed to attend, and the developer is known for putting on elaborate, high-tech musical performances. With all of this going on, K/DA seems like the perfect fit.

Seraphine, meanwhile, is expected to join the game as part of patch 10.22 later in October.

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