Here are some good flight simulator mods for you to enjoy

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is a huge game. It draws from live data feeds to model air traffic, weather patterns, and more. It’s also incredibly realistic: nearly every location you can think of in the real world is represented in the game — and that’s enough for most people. But if you want to really enhance your experience, there are mods. Beautiful, gorgeous mods.

I did a brief tour of some of ‘em. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Millennium Falcon and more

That’s right. Modder Eggman28 has put together a roster of cool-ass ships — including your favorites from Star Wars and Star Trek — that you can drop into your copy of Flight Simulator 2020. (Eggman28 does, however, point out that the ships are… challenging to fly: “They are pretty rubbish to fly, have no working interior or sound … Some have trouble taking off properly and work best when spawned in mid-air,” they write. “So should really not be used for any purpose other than to take some screenshots for fun.”) As a bonus, Eggman28 also re-created Star Wars scenery that you can add to your world.


Do I need to explain? Stonehenge is tight. Big shout to prehistory.

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is a sublimely beautiful mountain, and Flight Simulator doesn’t render it accurately. Do yourself a favor and experience it the way it was meant to be seen (virtually speaking).

Misc. location fixes

Some places weren’t properly rendered into the game. (Photogrammetry is an art.) So download fixes for places like Buffalo, New York, Edinburgh, Scotland, Lyon, France, and the entire country of Iceland.

For the Potterheads, there’s Hogwarts

Fly over the school as though you’re on your own broomstick. Can someone please mod in a Firebolt and / or a Nimbus 2000?

There are pages and pages of mods to explore, and more are being made all the time by the inventive people who comprise the World Wide Web. Dive in!

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