Elgato’s Key Light Mini might be one of the easiest ways to look better on camera

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If you want to appear your best during a video call, or in any kind of video appearance, investing in a key light is a smart move (in addition to getting a good webcam, of course). And there’s a new, versatile option available starting today from Elgato called the Key Light Mini. Priced at $99.99, it’s a portable, rechargeable option that can be mounted magnetically to any surface, or attached via its 1/4-inch tripod mount to a camera’s hot shoe mount adapter, or onto a tripod (one isn’t included, though).

Having multiple ways to mount the Key Light Mini is a distinguishing feature, but there’s more to this model, which helps to justify its somewhat high price. It has physical controls for adjusting its brightness or color temperature. But it can also be controlled via Wi-Fi through Elgato’s free Control Center app for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. Alternatively, the Key Light Mini is compatible with the company’s Stream Deck gadget that gives streamers (or just dedicated multitaskers) a command center of user-programmable buttons to suavely open apps or execute macros for capture software.

Elgato Key Light Mini

It’s a good idea to splash yourself with a little light before hopping on a call.

The Key Light Mini is an 800-lumen light, and it features OSRAM LEDs, just like its pricier next of kin, the $199.99 Key Light. Other key specs include a built-in battery that can last up to four hours and support for a 60-minute fast charge via its 15W USB-C charging port. Its color temperature can be adjusted between 2900-7000 degrees kelvin.

At $99.99, it’s far pricier than Logitech’s recently-released $59.99 Litra Glow. Though, with its rechargeable battery, brighter LEDs, and multiple ways to mount, it’s relatively easy to see why that’s the case.


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