Discord recovers from brief outage

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Discord has recovered from a brief outage, after many users experienced connectivity issues. “We’re looking into issues with people sending messages, logging in, streaming videos, etc.,” reads a Discord status message, before the service was back online 30 minutes later.

The issues seem to affected a large amount of Discord’s 150 million monthly active users briefly, but The Verge is aware of multiple Discord users who were still able to participate in calls and messaging on the service during the 30-minute outage.

This is the second outage for Discord in a matter of weeks. Discord recovered from a two-hour long outage on January 26th, which stopped millions of users from accessing the service. This previous outage also affected API and sessions, with most users unable to log in, join calls, or send messages on the communications app.

Discord also experienced a brief outage in November, after Google Cloud problems caused issues for the app. Last year’s Google Cloud outage also took out Spotify, Snapchat, and Etsy.

Update, February 15th 3PM ET: Discord is back online after a brief outage.

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