New World is getting exclusive Wheel of Time gear through Twitch drops

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Amazon has announced that it’ll be adding exclusive items to Amazon Games’ popular MMORPG New World from Amazon Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time TV series, which fans can obtain by watching special streams on Amazon’s Twitch streaming service, in a breathtaking example of cross-company synergy for Amazon’s various properties and titles.

The eligible “drops enabled” streams will kick off on December 24th at 12AM ET and will include watch-along parties for The Wheel of Times’s first season finale hosted on Twitch. The Wheel of Time promotion is set to run through January 12th at 3AM ET and will require that fans watch a total of seven cumulative hours of eligible streams (or nearly as long as it would take to actually watch the eight-episode first season of the show) to earn all the various digital goodies in the drop.

In exchange, Amazon is doling out a variety of in-game items for New World pulled from the Wheel of Time show, including Tam’s heron-marked blade, a barbed sword wielded by the villainous Trollocs, cloaks worn by the Red Ajah and Children of the Light organizations, and the outfits for Egwene and Nynaeve. Players will also be able to earn a crest with the Wheel of Time’s ouroboros logo on it to use for their in-game company, too.

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