MrBeast launches $2 million fund to invest in up-and-coming creators

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MrBeast said last year that he wanted a way to invest in up-and-coming creators, help them blow up, and get a cut of their business in return — and today, he’s announcing a plan to do just that.

The hit YouTuber, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is launching a $2 million investment fund that will offer creators up to $250,000 in exchange for a stake in their channels. The fund is part of a new company called Creative Juice, in which Donaldson is an investor, and which was announced this afternoon in The Information.

“We’re gonna make sure we find [creators] that actually need a giant cash inflow and aren’t just trying to go buy a Lamborghini,” Donaldson told The Information.

Details about the investment fund are limited right now. Creative Juice hasn’t said when it will launch or what type of creators it’s looking to invest in. Donaldson said the idea is to help YouTubers “pour gas on the fire” the way a business might by raising an influx of cash once they’re already growing quickly.

MrBeast is one of the biggest creators on YouTube. He has nearly 56 million subscribers and gets tens of millions of views per video (his most recent, posted a week ago, already has 35 million views). He’s known for pulling off goofy, supersized stunts — like making a “2,000 gallon” cereal bowl — but mainly, he’s known for giving away cars, houses, and cash as part of his videos.

The investment fund is just one part of what Creative Juice plans to offer. The company is developing tools to help creators track their performance across platforms. Investors are calling it “Square for creators” and say it plans to launch a suite of products to help creators operate more like small businesses.

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