Home Alone is now a $250 Lego set, and it might be the most impressive fan-inspired model yet

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Some of the most amazing Lego sets of the past decade have been dreamt up by fans — and this week, the Danish toy brick company revealed its largest Lego Ideas set yet. It’s Kevin McCallister’s iconic house from Home Alone, and it’s a 3,955-piece marvel filled with movie moments, hidden references, and a number of Kevin’s booby traps.

Kevin can slide down the stairs on his sled, land a clothes iron on Marv’s face, zipline down to his treehouse, break the shelves that release Buzz’s tarantula, drop a paint can, and more. Lego even recreated the scary basement furnace with its opening jaws, with a light-up brick so it can glow, and there’s a gear you can turn to spin the train set and turntable that Kevin disguised as people (to make it look like someone was “home”).

The whole build opens up like a dollhouse, including a full attic playspace you access by flipping up the roof, and each floor can lift off if you’d rather interact from the top down. As The Brothers Brick point out in their review, it’s got a few never-before-seen bricks, too: the door with the pet flap is new here.

The set’s going on sale November 1st for $250, and I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist — heck, I just spent half an hour marveling at the high-res images. Here, I’ll share them with you!

You can read more about the 26-year-old Ukrainian designer of the original Lego Ideas set right here and see the original design. Lego also recently greenlit this set from The Office as its next licensed property. I’m still pulling for Metroid.

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