A new Matrix Resurrections trailer is all about change

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Let’s get something out of the way: this is The Verge, and if there is any movie we are going to cover the shit out of, it’s The Matrix Resurrections — even if its new trailer is long on melting / morphing faces and short on clues about the plot.

The latest trailer, titled “Déjà Vu,” opens with a voiceover from Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) with a line from the first movie, when she explains that “déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.” That sentence repeats several times. We see a black cat cross Neo’s path just like in the first movie, and we see a series of screen wipes, moving between younger and older versions of characters, including Neo — in the birthing goo pod — Trinity, Morpheus (hi, Laurence Fishburne!), Agent Smith, The Merovingian, and others.

Like the first Matrix Resurrections trailer released in September, we hear Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit playing in the background (there is no rubber duck in this latest clip, unfortunately). In case you didn’t pick up on the theme, the trailer helpfully shows the word CHANGE, while hearing a voice question, “Why use old code to make something new?” and another observe that “maybe this isn’t the story we think it is.”

The Verge’s managing editor encouraged me to blog my feelings about this latest trailer, even though I warned her the feelings would be mostly “lust and also more lust” because look, I am Gen X, and Keanu Reeves is our mascot, and I feel compelled to protect and respect him at all costs even in the worst of movies. This film looks like a fine use of his cheekbones and soulful brown eyes.

And this trailer probably should have been the first one released for Resurrections because it reminds you of how much we missed the black leather-clad, hair-gelled Matrix crew while hinting at a whole new direction. This is slightly off-topic, but it is sort of nice to see a few crows’ feet around Neo’s eyes as he looks around, bewildered, at the Matrix — much the way I expect most of Gen X would regard it were we ever to be unplugged.

The Matrix Resurrections hits theaters on December 22nd.

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