Facebook Connect: all the news about ‘Meta’ and Mark Zuckerberg’s VR dream

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Facebook held its virtual reality labs Connect event on Thursday, where CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would be rebranding as Meta and showed off his vision of a metaverse that inspired the name change.

During the prerecorded livestream, we saw the company’s plans for Oculus VR, which included a tease for a new high-end headset, the addition of a more customizable home space, and fitness-focused accessories, as well as a VR remake of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. We also got to see a lot of videos that involved virtual avatars going to concerts, playing ping-pong, and more.

Since the stream ended, more details have come out about the company’s rebranding, including that the Oculus name would be replaced and that the company had changed its office’s iconic sign. The Verge reporter Alex Heath interviewed Zuckerberg to talk about the motivation behind the name change.

There’s sure to be more information coming about Facebook’s rebranding and its potential ramifications, so stay tuned here for all the latest news about Meta.

Oh, and if you’re still confused about what the heck a metaverse is, check out our excellent explainer.

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