Tempo’s simplified smart home gym uses an iPhone to track your workouts

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Tempo, the smart home gym that uses computer vision to track your workouts and offer guidance in real time, has gone on a diet. Today it’s launching the Tempo Move, a new home workout setup that ditches the original’s 42-inch touchscreen with Microsoft’s Azure Kinect sensors built in, in favor of using existing TVs combined with the sensors built into the iPhone XS / XR and up.

It means that the Tempo Move’s setup is slimmed down compared to the original Tempo Studio, but there’s still a lot of hardware here. At the center is what Tempo’s calling the “Core,” which is effectively an iPhone dock that can connect to a TV via HDMI. The kit also comes with a storage unit containing “smart weights” including plates and dumbbells. With a suggested retail price of $495 plus a monthly subscription cost of $39, the Tempo Move is far from budget, but it’s a lot more affordable than the $2,495 Tempo charges for the Tempo Studio Starter Package.

The smart weights come with a cabinet in which to store them.
Image: Tempo

“We’re at an inflection point now that iPhone models are able to run sophisticated AI locally and have precise depth-sensing technology,” says Tempo co-founder and CTO Josh Augustin. “Experiences that used to require expensive hardware can now be built on devices many of us already own.”

The Tempo Move is designed to offer a similar range of exercises to the original Studio. You get “thousands” of live and on-demand workout classes covering everything from strength training to HIIT, yoga, and cardio. The system uses computer vision to track the smart weights and offer advice on form, track progress, and give workout recommendations. Tempo says that dumbbells are supported at launch, and support for barbells and kettlebell classes is coming next year.

Since the system relies on Apple’s TrueDepth camera tech in the iPhone XS / XR and newer (not including the iPhone SE), there’s no sign of Android support just yet. The company says it’s also working on adding support for the lidar sensors built into the iPhone 12 Pro and up in the future.

The Tempo Move is available starting today at an introductory price of $395. Tempo says the Move will ship in early December.

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