Comcast will bring Apple TV to X1 boxes and the new XClass smart TVs

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Comcast’s X1 platform has slowly added apps to its library over the years, and this morning on the company’s earnings call, CEO Brian Roberts announced that the Apple TV app would join the roster soon, while Comcast’s Xfinity Stream app will launch on Apple TV devices.

Comcast’s tech platform, which already has apps for Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Disney+ in the US, isn’t just on its cable boxes anymore. It underpins the Xfinity Flex streaming platform, the XiOne streaming set-top box, and new XClass 4K TVs that recently launched from Hisense.

XClass 4K TV

XClass 4K TV
Image: Comcast

Two models of the TV are available, in 43- and 50-inch sizes, for $298 and $348, respectively. Like other smart TVs in their price range — and other devices on Comcast’s platform — they have streaming apps, Dolby Vision HDR, and voice search remotes. They also include a one-year subscription to Comcast’s Peacock Premium streaming service.

As Comcast tries to sell its tech on devices worldwide (in the UK and other European markets, it’s pushing a Sky Glass TV with the same basic platform), then including access to Apple TV Plus is simply a requirement to compete. Getting its app on Apple TV is a bonus as cord-cutting proceeds to shrink its base of customers with cable TV service.

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