Apple quietly added a MagSafe charging case to its AirPods Pro, too

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Apple just announced its third-generation AirPods with a new charging case that works with its MagSafe magnetic charging system, but the company also quietly announced that, starting today, it’ll also be including the new case with its pricier $250 AirPods Pro model, too.

The new case doesn’t claim to charge Apple’s AirPod products any faster; it just has the magnets needed to attach to Apple’s MagSafe charging puck for easier alignment when charging. AirPods already worked with MagSafe, thanks to the broader Qi charging spec, so it’s more of a slight convenience than anything else, but it’s good to see Apple expanding MagSafe to more products.

Unfortunately, Apple also isn’t taking the opportunity here to add a reverse wireless charging feature to its AirPods lineup, even though MagSafe seems to be the perfect opportunity and way to do so.

For now, it doesn’t seem that Apple is selling the new MagSafe Charging Case as a standalone accessory, either, which means that you’ll have to pick up a new pair of headphones to be able to take advantage of the magnetic charging functionality.

Apple first introduced the AirPods Pro in late 2019; the wireless headphones offer interchangeable tips and active noise cancellation technology but otherwise haven’t really changed dramatically in the two years since they’ve been released.


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