Tesla reportedly cuts its four-year used car warranty to just one year

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Tesla has slashed its used car warranty in another round of what could be seen as belt-tightening ahead of what is expected to be a crucial third-quarter financial report.

According to Electrek, the automaker previously offered a two- to four-year warranty on used Model S and X vehicles, but now only offers a warranty of one year or 10,000 miles over the original policy.

The used-car warranty is being offered on top of a new-car warranty, which benefits anyone buying a more recent used vehicle from Tesla. But for anyone looking to acquire a used Tesla made in 2016 or later will see their warranty protections severely eroded.

Electrek doesn’t reveal why Tesla changed its used car warranty policy, but notes that it will likely diminish customer confidence in buying a used car from the automaker.

The news follows on the heels of Tesla canceling its audacious return policy in which new buyers of its electric vehicles could return them for a full refund within seven days. Tesla is expected to report its third-quarter financial status this week. Earlier this month, the company announced that it had delivered 139,300 vehicles during the third quarter, smashing its previous record for deliveries, of 112,000 cars. It was the third consecutive quarter of better-than-expected delivery numbers from Tesla.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment about its warranty. Earlier this month, Electrek reported that Tesla had dissolved its public relations department, making press inquiries more difficult as there is no longer a dedicated person fielding such requests.

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