Tesla owners in California asked to reduce charging because of a heatwave

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Some Tesla owners in California are being asked to charge their cars less — both at home and with the company’s Superchargers — to help conserve energy during an extreme heatwave. Pictures of the in-car notice surfaced on Reddit yesterday, and The Verge confirmed multiple Tesla owners in California received it.

“The current heat wave is impacting the grid in California,” part of Tesla’s notice reads. “If possible, we ask that you reduce Supercharging and home charging between the hours of 4PM and 9PM to support the statewide efforts to manage demand.”

By not charging cars during peak periods of energy usage across the state, Tesla owners can help California’s energy grid better manage the extra power people may be using to cool their homes during the intense heat. California Gov. Gavin Newsom has asked residents of the state to avoid using appliances between 3PM and 10PM.

Tesla also warned owners that their charging options could be affected by power shutoffs. Utilities occasionally shut off electricity during periods of hot, dry, and windy weather to help prevent wildfires, as the utility company Pacific Gas & Electric did in some areas of California last October.

Tesla reminded owners that they could see the status of the Superchargers in their area from their car’s touchscreen. Using an available Supercharger could allow owners to charge their car if they aren’t able to at home.

Here’s an image of the full notice:

An image of the notice shared with The Verge.
Image: Kyle L.

Tesla didn’t reply to a request for comment.

Thanks, Kyle!

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