Samsung’s own UK website is already selling the Galaxy Z Fold 2 for £1,799

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Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Fold 2 on August 5th, but didn’t give a release date or price at the time, only promising to share more about the foldable on September 1st. But if you check Samsung’s UK retail website right now, it seems you can already pre-order the Z Fold 2 for £1,799, and it’s set to ship by September 17th (via Max Weinbach).

While that price might be eye-popping, it’s actually less expensive than the original Fold’s £1,900 starting price in the UK — a difference of £101. Assuming, of course, that the price listed there isn’t a mistake. Samsung didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

We don’t know yet if a lower price would carry over to the US. The first Fold launched at $1,980, so perhaps the Z Fold 2 will cost less than that. It’s also unclear if pre-orders for the Z Fold 2 would ship any sooner or later than ones sold in the UK.

A screenshot of the pre-order page on Samsung’s UK website.

And it remains to be seen if the Z Fold 2 will fix some of the shortcomings of the first Fold — but it does look like the upcoming phone could have some improvements. The Z Fold 2’s ultra thin glass screen could be more durable than the plastic screen on the original, for example. The 6.2-inch outer screen is also much bigger than the tiny one on the first Fold, and the inner display is also larger, at 7.6 inches.

While we have to wait for the full reveal until September 1st, you can get an idea of what the phone looks like in action right now; a Chinese YouTube channel has already posted a video review of the device. And if you’re already interested in buying one and live in the US, you can line up for a pre-order before they go live.

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