Microsoft Edge is getting a new sidebar search feature and Pinterest integration

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Microsoft is revealing some new features for its Edge browser today. The first is a new sidebar search option that’s designed to let you search the web without having to leave a tab. You can highlight text on a page and right-click to “search in sidebar” and see the results to the side of the page you’re currently viewing.

Pinterest is also partnering with Microsoft Edge to bring suggestions to the Collections feature inside the browser. Collections is used to collate groups of content like links, images, and text into a single place. Pinterest suggestions will soon appear at the bottom of Collections if the new feature is enabled, and Edge users will even be able to export Collections to Pinterest. Microsoft is also adding the ability to send Collections to OneNote soon.

New Edge sidebar search feature.

Both the sidebar search and Pinterest integrations will be available for testers in the coming weeks. Microsoft is also working on improving Progressive Web Apps (PWA) support in Edge. The latest Windows 10 builds include the ability for PWAs to share and receive shared content, and they’ll look and feel more native to Windows with the ability to appear on the Start menu.

Sadly, there’s no update on when we’re likely to see full history and tab sync appear in Edge. It’s a big missing feature over Chrome right now, making it difficult to use Edge across multiple machines or even with iOS and Android. Microsoft previously promised it will be available in the summer, but it has not started appearing in daily or beta versions of Edge yet.

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