Logitech G’s new Playmaster software is here to help you get good at Counter-Strike

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Logitech G has announced a new esports training program for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive called Playmaster, which is designed to help assess your skills and help you practice specific techniques, like tracking players, moving, and (of course) shooting.

The company is taking this seriously, too. It’s built custom maps and levels within CS:GO to help both assess players’ current skill levels and for practice. It’s also worked with the Lero Esports Science Research Lab at the University of Limerick to develop the software — as the company proudly boasts in the announcement, Playmaster is “backed by science.”

To start, players take a roughly 30-minute skill test that will allow the software to get a baseline reading for where you’re at now and your specific strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also be able to see where you fall skill-wise against the rest of the community and professional esports players. Then, Playmaster will generate a specific training curriculum for you to practice.

Right now, Playmaster only works with CS:GO and is available as a free beta to try today, although it’s possible that the roster of games and the price tag could increase in the future.

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