How to migrate your Wunderlist to-do lists

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Wunderlist, the task and to-do management app that Microsoft acquired more than four years ago, is shutting down on May 6th. The company is no longer accepting signups, and as of Wednesday, May 6th, your Wunderlist tasks will no longer sync across devices.

Microsoft would prefer that you migrate from Wunderlist to its To Do app; as a result, it makes that process very simple. However, the fact is that you can easily export your Wunderlist data to other task management apps. If you’re a Wunderlist fan who has put off migrating away from the app until now, here are instructions for how to move to Microsoft To Do. We’ve also included instructions for two more popular task managers: Todoist and TickTick.

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How to export your data

No matter which app you’re going to move to, it’s a good idea to export your data so you have your own copy.

  • Log in to Wunderlist using this link and request a download.
  • You will be emailed a link where you can download a zip file that contains HTML and text files.

How to migrate to Microsoft To Do

It’s really easy to switch to Microsoft To Do.

  • Head to the To Do page. If you’ve already got a Microsoft account, you just have to sign in; otherwise, you can create one. Besides the webpage, you can download apps for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows 10.

  • After you sign into To Do, there will probably be a pop-up window at the bottom of your screen asking if you’re coming from Wunderlist and if you’d like to import your data. If you’re reading this, you’ll definitely want to click that blue box.
  • If you don’t see the invitation, you can still import your data by clicking on the gear Settings icon on the upper right corner and then choosing “Import from Wunderlist.”
  • You’ll get a pop-up window telling you exactly what will be imported from Wunderlist. Click on “Import.”
  • You’ll be notified at the bottom of the screen when your import is finished.

Note: Any tasks that were previously shared with somebody else will have to be shared again by using an invitation link that To Do will provide you with the first time you click on that task.

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How to migrate to Todoist

If you use Todoist and want to import your Wunderlist data, you’ll first need to export it through Wunderlist’s site. You can import your Wunderlist data on Todoist through the desktop app on macOS and Windows 10, or through the web app. The mobile apps currently don’t support importing data.

  • Open Todoist, then click the gear icon to the right side of your display.
  • Select “Settings” > “Account.” You’ll see the Import option at the bottom of the left-hand pane of options. Click that, then select “Start Import.”

  • Upload the export file that you retrieved from Wunderlist. All of your lists, tasks, sub-tasks, reminders, files, and comments should arrive in Todoist.

How to migrate to TickTick

TickTick allows its users to upload Wunderlist data directly through its web and mobile apps.

Via the web app, click your username to see the list of options open up. Select “Settings” > “Backup.”

  • You’ll find Wunderlist in the list of apps that you can import into TickTick. If you’ve already exported your Wunderlist data through its exporting tool, you can upload that by simply clicking “Import Backups.”
  • Otherwise, select “Import” to be directed to your Wunderlist account (you’ll first have to sign in) without having to leave TickTick.
  • There is also a direct link to the import feature on this page.

Alternatively, you can run through these steps on TickTick’s mobile app. (This will only work if you have the Wunderlist app on your phone.)

  • From the main screen, click the gear icon, which is the right-most icon near the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap “General” and you’ll be met with the option to sign into your Wunderlist account and import the data.
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